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Alexandria Waste Recovery Facility

Alexandria Waste Recovery Facility

Alexandria Waste Recovery Facility location



Resident"s Price List


Effective June 1, 2015

1000 lbs. or less - $40 minimum for residents

Over 1000 lbs. $70 per ton

No Stumps or brush



Matress or boxspring $50 per item

Car tire $50 Truck tire $75 per tire

Furniture $50 per item

We are proud to be a member of the USGBCU.S. Green Building Council

For more information on LEED® Green Building Rating SystemTM , visit the U.S. Green Building Council website.



Effective 5/1/2016








$60 / $75


Alexandria Waste Recovery Facility

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday: 6am - 4 pm

Saturday: 7am - 12 noon



Address: 625 Burnside Place, Alexandria, VA 22304

Phone: 703.823.5009

Contact: Miguel Goncalves

Email: awrf@potomacrecycling.com  

last updated April 27, 2016

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